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Reviews for Redebaugh Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Redebaugh Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Always Helpful

Been to this place since I was very, very young. Dr. Seth is personable and ha always helped when having back troubles and other physical-related injuries. I have been to other chiropractic places, but this is by far the most helpful chiropractic facility that truly makes a difference.

-Marsha M.

Visit on Vacation

I was in the area on vacation and hurt my back. They were able to squeeze me in so I didn’t have to wait until I got back home. Thank you!

– Mary Jo

Saturday Appointments!

I work all week and didn’t think I could get in, but since they are open on Saturday, I was able to get in and get the issue taken care of.

– Jeremy

Additional Therapies Offered

I needed more than just an adjustment. They did additional therapies with me to help me heal.

– Jane

Extreme Neck Pain & Headaches

I had extreme neck pain with headaches. Pain relievers did nothing for it. One appointment with Dr. Smart and the headaches and neck pain were lessened tremendously. Within a week it was gone!

– Maddie

Bed Wetting Issues

My son had a bed wetting issue. A friend suggested I try chiropractic. Three appointments and my son never had an issue again. Who knew the pinching of a nerve could cause a kid such issues?

– Deb

Leg Pain Gone!

The pain ran down my leg to my calf. They explained something was pinched in my low back and what was “out of place” and it wouldn’t take just one adjustment. I’m glad I stuck with it because I have not had the problem return in years! I keep my regular appointments to keep everything in check.

– John

Not just a number!

I like the fact they show me attention. When I meet with the Doctor, he asks what has been going on and what I do at work that may have made this happen. He doesn’t just come in, adjust me and leave. He focuses just on me which makes me feel like my pain is real. Dr. Smart discussed how I can do things differently, and additional stretches so this doesn’t get worse. I appreciate that I am not just a number to them.

– Tom

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