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Meet Dr. Seth Smart

Focus on Helping Patients

Dr. Seth Smart

Dr. Seth Smart

Dr. Seth Smart, a 1997 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, has been instrumental in helping the patients of Redebaugh Chiropractic to live better lives with optimized health potentials. Dr. Smart has dedicated and focuses his efforts to help as many people as possible through research-based, traditional chiropractic treatment.

A Passion for Education

“When I was in junior high school, I injured my low back playing sports. I didn’t even know what chiropractic was, but after receiving an adjustment, I was impressed by my fast response to treatment.”

Over the years, Dr. Smart noticed that his back would flare up from time to time, requiring more treatment. It was only when he was in chiropractic college that he realized, through examination of his X-rays, that he had a congenital defect in his spine. “My first chiropractor had never told me that. I began to understand that because of the inborn instability in my back, I’d always need to maintain and take care of it to keep feeling good.”

That realization has helped him to avoid many unnecessary episodes of back pain, and his passion is in making sure that his patients don’t suffer the same fate. Dr. Smart’s mission is to be complete and thorough in educating his patients, while still striving to “keep things simple.”

Chiropractic Impacts Lives

One of Dr. Smart’s greatest joys is when he feels that he has a true partnership with his patients. He finds that when he makes suggestions that people trust and follow, there’s always a positive outcome that everyone can feel good about.

“People take for granted their ability to be active with normal daily activities such as gardening or being able to play with their grandkids. When pain or disability strikes, however, patients can often feel frightened that the symptoms will never end. It’s so rewarding for me to get people back up and running again through gentle chiropractic care.”

Life Outside the Office

Dr. Smart loves living in the Brainerd Lakes area and enjoys participating in the many outdoor activities available, such as hunting, fishing and golf. He also likes to be a role model for his patients, taking the time to exercise regularly. When he’s not busy with helping his patients, he has also been a volunteer with the Nisswa Lion’s Club.

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